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MGA Aftermarket Hardtops - TT-123PP

Parish Plastics hardtop outside Parish Plastics hardtop inside
These first pictures were pirated from an eBay ad in October 2004, It is a Parish Plastics hardtop for the MGA. Opening bid (also single and closing bid) $150.

On 27 Sept 2008, Kemper, West Virginia, USA wrote:
"My Parish Plastics hard top (bought new) came with dark grey with white flecks carpet glued to the underside."

More photos from eBay, March 2010:
In these potos, the vinyl outer covering is not original for the Parish Plastics hardtop, and all of the visible attachment fittings are non-original substitute parts. Originally the Parish Plastics hardtop can use all of the same attaching parts as the factory original hardtops.

Photos below from Billy Cornette, April 2013.

The Parish Plastics top below was part of the raffle at NAMGAR GT-40 in Frankenmuth, Michigan in June 2015. This one was vinyl covered and I don't know if the vinyl was original or a later modification.

Photos below courtesy of Marvin Stuart in Preston, CT, USA.

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