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Now I seldom use the convertible top on my car, as I really enjoy driving in the open air. Why else would you own an open car? So the tonneau cover gets used a lot, and I like to keep it handy. When it's time to stow the cover and go for a drive, I start by undoing the 2 turnbuttons on the sides and the 6 LTDs at the front. I leave the 6 LTDs at the back clipped in place. Then with the cover still laid out flat on top, I fold over the sides about at the first LTD fastener to make the cover a little narrower than the open cockpit. Then I drop the cover down behind the seats with just one fold, so that it hangs down to the level of the top of the tunnel and then comes back up to the top of the seat backs.

This arrangement gives the cockpit a nice clean appearance without that big gap behind the seats. It also covers and protects the stowed rag top and/or the side curtain bag. And in case you hadn't noticed, in many cases the flap on the side curtain bag can never be fastened with the side curtains in the bag, so this also keeps the wind turbulence from blowing the flap around and making distracting noises. It also makes the tonneau cover especially easy to use when you park the car. When you hop out of the car you can pull the tonneau cover up and have it snapped in place and be gone in about 10 seconds. Well, 15 seconds if you do it solo and need to run around to the other side of the car to finish it off.

Tonneau cover stowed (my way)
Tonneau cover stowed (I did it my way)
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