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When you get to the end of the header rail you have to make a hole in the fabric to clear the top post on the windscreen frame. Lift the header rail off of the windscreen, pull the fabric taught over the post, and cut the hole in the fabric to match the position of the post. Then put the fabric down on the top of the windscreen, replace the header rail on the post, and continue positioning and stapling the fabric on the front of the header rail as shown on the prior page.

Fit fabric at top corner post
Make hole in fabric to clear the top post on the windscreen

At 07:05 AM 2/19/2009 -0700, Pete Newton in Deer Park, Texas, wrote:
"In your instructions for installing the cover on the header rail I did not see anything about the Socket (Moss PN 406-920) if it is to be installed on the inside of the cover or pushed through from the outside when installing it. The one I have appears to have the canvas cover under the lip of the socket and I was wondering if this is the correct installation".

Installing the fabric first, and inserting the socket afterward is a neat way to do it, but it requires a bit of advance planning, as it has to be installed in mid stroke of wrapping the front rail. If you want to do this you should test fit the socket and rail to the windscreen before you start wrapping, but do not bend over the top tabs of the socket. When you get to wrapping near the ends of the rail you need to align the front flap, then make the hole in the fabric, then insert the socket and bend the tabs over on top, then finish wrapping (which will cover the top end of the socket).

Addendum, March 2014:
At this point you might consider a bit of an improvement in weather sealing. You could insert a piece of 1/4-inch thick soft foam rubber between the under side of the wood bow and the fabric wrap. After final assembly this rubber strip can compress to conform to irregularities in the wood bow or windscreen top frame rail to make a positive seal to keep out wind and rain. Such a rubber strip inside of the wrap keeps the seal concealed (looking like original with no seal).

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