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CONVERTIBLE TOP TECH -- TT-103-9 - (pg 9 of 30)

Before you can finish stapling the header wrap in place, you need to do a little work from inside the car. Remove the wing bolt, pull the fabric up over the female threaded boss, and cut a clearance hole in the fabric to go over the boss. Then you need to make a single cut in the fabric so it can go past the steel side rail. Do NOT lay the fabric flat and cut along the side rail, as that would produce an angled cut. Do make a cut starting at the front of the side rail and extending back perpendicular to the angle of the header rail. This cut will run parallel to the weave of the fabric, and when you pull the fabric up vertically on either side of the side rail, the cut will rise vertically as well. When that is done, replace the wing bolt in the top frame and repeat the procedure for the other end of the header rail.

Cut fabric to clear wing bolt and side rail
Cut fabric to clear wing bolts and side rails
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