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CONVERTIBLE TOP TECH -- TT-103-13 - (pg 13 of 30)

If you have a MGA 1600 style center latch for the header rail, right about now would be a good time to install it. The catch plate on the bottom is attached to the under side of the windscreen frame and fastened in place with two small flat head screws and (usually) locknuts. If you are installing this latch for the first time on a MGA 1500, you will have to drill and countersink 2 holes in the windshield frame to accept these screws. If you do not use flat head screws here, the screw heads will protrude above the windscreen and force a gap between the header rail and the top of the windscreen.

The top part of this latch is fastened to the header rail with a pair of long skinny wood screws. It is advantageous to have the header rail clamped down to the windscreen frame while positioning this latch so that the latch will hold the rail down firmly after installation. A small amount of adjustment can be made later by bending the tab on the latch plate, but being careful not to break the small screws securing the plate.

Install center latch on header rail
Install the center latch on the header rail
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