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CONVERTIBLE TOP TECH -- TT-103-30 - (pg 30 of 30)

Here the side curtain is tucked inside of the outer fabric flap on the top. You accomplish this by starting with a finger inside of the fabric flap at the front and move your hand to follow along the edge of the window frame, levering the flap out to the front on the way around. If you practice a little you may be able to do this with your arm out the window from inside the car. In this condition the setup is somewhat more weather resistant, both to water and wind, and the frame may seal up against the windscreen frame a bit better, and it may rattle less as well. Then when you open the door the side curtain just pops right out from under the fabric flap, no problem.

Side curtain inside

I hope you enjoyed the top installation tour. Next is a crash course on folding and stowing your new top for ease, convenience, and the least amount of wear and tear.

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