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Trailer, Unknown Brand #1 - TH-101U1

Unknown brand trailer
Unknown brand trailer Unknown brand trailer Unknown brand trailer
These pictures were taken at NAMGAR GT-40 in Frankenmuth, Michigan, in June 2015. I couldn't find any manufcturer's name on it, and never found the owner. It looks familiar; I suppose it might be the one that Moss Motors was selling several years earlier. If anyone knows the source, do tell. The tires caught my eye. My small trailer has 4.80x8 two-ply tires, with 540-lbs load capacity per tire. This one has 5.70x8 two-ply tires with 715-lbs load capacity per tire. Not that I need the extra load capacity, but the heftier tires might last longer. Since I have recently been doing 40,000 miles per year, I may check into the cost effectiveness of running the larger tires.

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