The MGA With An Attitude

These pictures taken at UML Summer Party Reunion, August 2004. What you see is what you get. And no, I didn't notice where the latch release is hidden. This one is a double ended 1500 boot, perfectly symmetrical except for hitch on front and bumper on back.
MGA 1500 siamesed trailer MGA 1500 siamesed trailer

MGA 1600 trailer with headlights This is an MGA 1600 trailer complete with headlights and grille (maybe). It just popped up on the net somewhere with no details. (2008)

MGA 1600 extra length trailer MGA 1600 extra length trailer
This 1600 extra length trailer was built by Jeb Blanchard.
"Plenty of interior space". (2010)
See article on how it was built.
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