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On Aug 21, 2017, Bear Holmes in Apache Junction, Arizona, USA wrote:
"I have to haul 5 MGA and one AH Sprite from Washington State to Arizona, so I made this hydraulic stacker for my trailer. It will actually go inside my enclosed trailer but it was easier to build on my flatbed and the flatbed fits in my air conditioned garage. My enclosed trailer is kind of low on head room so I have to take the windscreens off. When I'm done hauling, I'll mount it on the floor of my shop for inside stacking. I have steel supports to hold the ramps up if the hydraulics fail".

Specs: (when in doubt; make it stout)
Ramps are aluminum 14' long 8,000 pounds per axle capacity
Hydraulic cylinders are 1 1/4" rod, 2" bore X 30" stroke
Pump is 3,000psi 2 gallons/minute with electric remote control (wired)
Lift time with a fresh battery is about 16 seconds
Two 3500# winches

"I used double acting cylinders (hydraulic up and down) but if I built it again I would probably use single acting". See video at:

On Sep 30, 2017 Bear Holmes wrote:
"I finally got my MGA stacker swapped over from my open trailer to the enclosed one. Made the trial run 1,500 miles empty from Arizona to Washington State and 1,500 miles with double stacked MGA's from Washington to Arizona. Worked great, even better than I hoped, especially with a new brake controller installed in the motor home. That is a bunch of weight to be pushing and pulling down the highway. Only two more trips to go, then I'll put the stacker in my garage. It is a tight fit due to the limited height; I have to remove the windshields. My son named the trailer "Short Stack". -- Bear

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