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TWIN CAMS from the Production List - TC107-600

YD1.600 - VUF 541

Fitzwilliam MG Team car used in racing
VUF 541 Twin Cam
Photo from the article "THE FITZWILLIAM RACING TEAM" by Robert Carnegie.
Fitzwilliam drifting rather wide at Goodwood 24th May 1959.
Original photo by Earl of Northesk.
(This better quality image is from the recently found archives of Lady Mary Damerell).

An old picture, and some new information on the whereabouts of this car (maybe). Registraton number VUF 541 is valid and currently registered in GB. (This is assuming the registration number is still on the same car).

DVLA vehicle details for VUF 541 are:
Date of Liability: 21 03 2012
Date of First Registration: 25 09 1958
Year of Manufacture: Not Available
Cylinder Capacity (cc): 1489cc
CO2 Emissions : Not Available
Fuel Type: PETROL
Export Marker: N
Vehicle Status: Licence Not Due
Vehicle Colour: RED
Vehicle Type Approval: Not Available

Dispatched by the factory 23/09/1958 (which matches rego, two days later).

Nurburgring 7 June 1959

1959 Apr 25 twin cam racing at Goodwood

1959 May 18 twin cam hood up at Goodwood

1959 May 18 twin cam racing at Goodwood
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