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TWIN CAM Service Parts Diagrams - TC-110

MGA Twin Cam rear brakes This section contains all 62 diagrams of the MGA Twin Cam Service Parts List. These are PDF files averaging 123KB per file. Thanks to Mick Anderson, Sydney, AU, for scanning these pages.

Viewing of these files requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. The program is available free of charge from For best viewing select size option of 100% up to 150%. For printing, select the print option "Fit to page".

A01 - Engine block and pistons
A02 - Crankshaft and clutch
A03 - Half speed shaft and conrods
A05 - Timing chain, chain cover, and camshafts
A08 - Cylinder head
A10 - Sump and oil pump
A12 - Water pump
A13 - Thermostat
A14 - Distributor and tacho drives
A17 - Manifolds
A18 - Engine mounts
A19 - Exhaust pipes
A20 - Throttle linkages
B08 - Distributor (early type with vacuum advance)
C01 - Radiator
D01 - Petrol pump
D03 - Petrol tank and pipes
D04 - Carburettors
D07 - Air cleaners (early type without venturi)
E01 - Clutch pedal, master and slave cylinders
F01 - Gearbox
G01 - Propellor shaft
H01 - Rear axle and differential
H03 - Rear brakes
H05 - Rear springs
J01 - Steering column and rack
K01 - Front suspension
K02 - Front brakes
L01 - Rear shock absorbers
M01 - Brake pedal
M02 - Brakes master cylinder
M03 - Brake hydraulic pipes
M04 - Handbrake lever and cables
N01 - Generator and batteries
N02 - Starter motor
N03 - Switches
N05 - Lamps
N09 - Horn
N10 - Windscreen wipers
O0 1- Instruments
P0 1- Wheels
Q01 - Chassis
R01 - Body panels
R08 - Floorboards and tunnel
R09 - Boot fittings
R11 - Windscreen
R13 - Door fittings page 1
R14 - Door fittings page 2
R15 - Side windows
R17 - Bonnet fittings
R19 - Number plates
R20 - Bumper bars
R22 - Seats
R35 - Trim page 1
R40 - Trim page 2
R41 - Trim page 3
R45 - Trim page 4
R47 - Hood
R49 - Hardtop
R50 - Fascia panel
R52 - Miscellaneous items
R53 - Heater

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