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TWIN CAM Experimental Drawing List - TC-122

On 8/13/2014, Edward Vandyk wrote:
"I thought this might be of interest to some as it lists all the drawings of "Experimental" parts for the Twin Cam during the project life. It is of note that they start with 4-" J wheels (#1, #24,#32 in 1955 and #69 in 1956), they talk about flexible SU mounts (#250 in early 1958) and a twin pipe exhaust system (#246). The Weber induction manifold is late 1958 (#284) and Solex carburettors may have been considered? (#95). The penultimate entry (#317) in 1960 refers presumably to the Scintilla Magneto? I guess that somewhere deep in Gaydon the drawings themselves could give the answers to some of the queries".

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