The MGA With An Attitude
DEMONSTRATION DAY - July 14, 1958* - TC-130B
Launch of the MGA Twin Cam - (Pg 2)

(*various reports of the actual day of demonstration, 14, 15, 16, or 18).

About five or six MGA Twin Cam cars were present for demonstration day, including 501 & 502, and possibly 499 also (but not confirmed).
These are images of 499 (PJB147) procured from BMIHT Picture Library.

Photos courtesy of British Motor Industry Heritage Trust.

This last picture was the one used for the publicity material.

This note from Dominic Clancy:
"The photos (if I remember correctly an article I read somewhere) were taken outside John Thornley's house, and the lady in the car worked in the press office at Abingdon."

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