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Substitute wheels for the MGA Twin Cam - TC-205B
PETER WOOD Dunlop Style Alloy Wheels

At 10:45 AM 9/15/2006 +0100, Tom Strange wrote:
Peter Wood has had some alloy replica wheels made up. Also we (Sports Car Spares) are selling the wheels in conjunction with Peter, and are able to ship worldwide and accept credit cards. Wheel prices are as follows for 5J rims: single wheels 333 four or five wheels 292 each plus VAT if applicable and of course shipping charge. We do offer a discount if paying by cash / bank transfer.

The wheels are ready for painting (as of the 3 Sep) and are due to go to the painters any day now, my guess is that they will be ready in about four weeks. We will be seeing Peter next week (18 Sep) and will confirm current plans for the 4 and 6J rims and also probable shipping charges to the USA & rest of the world (we will need to weigh a wheel and get the box dims also). Forty wheels will be available in the first batch and they are going fast, I know at least five sets have been reserved already. More will be made if required, but this would take a little while to organise.

If anyone is interested in the wheels, or wants more information on them, drop me an email at:
"Tom Strange" <>

Addendum September 19, 2006:
Original Twin Cam wheels were two-piece steel wheels with rims riveted to the hubs. The more expensive Jaguar D-Type wheels had an aluminum rim rivited to a steel center disc. The factory optional alloy Twin Cam wheels were one piece castings. This gives visual impression of much heavier gauge material, and no rivet joint between the disk and rim. The Peter Wood alloy wheels are one piece alloy castings made to closely emulate the original Twin Cam alloy wheels (reproduction of original alloy type wheels). The pegs are EN24 press fit to the alloy wheel and secured with peened nuts. Pictures below show unpainted wheels (without pegs) in 5 inch width. Note also these wheels incorporate the safety rim feature which was not original but is not visible on these wheels once the tire is mounted. Click for larger images.

face view close up of center mount
close up inside of rim
cross secton edge view mounted sectoned face view mounted

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