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Change of KNOCKOFFS - TC-210

For those who may care about concours details, there are two styles of eared wheel knock-offs the Twin Cam (and "Deluxe") chassis. The style changed at car number 1826 in April 1959. The earlier ones were steel with the flatter face and slightly squared off ears. The later ones were bronze with rounder face and rounded ears, more like the usual wire wheel KO nuts.

For the German/Scandanavian market there were also octagonal wheel nuts introduced at car number 708 in October 1958

Beware that Twin Cam knock-offs do not fit other MGs and vice versa, as there is a difference in the thread and the contact angle between the knock-off nut and wheel.

two styles of knockoff On 11/20/2008, Peter Cirillo sent these pictures:

two styles of knockoff
octagolan knockoff hut
There was also an option for an octagonal hub nut without knockoff wings for on-road use in countries where the winged knockoffs were not allowed for safety reasons.

Below are more pictures or the early style Twin Cam knock-off nuts.
(Photos by Julian Colclough in the UK).
two styles of knockoff two styles of knockoff
two styles of knockoff two styles of knockoff
re=cheomed knockon nut
On 8/2/2012, Mark Hester wrote:
"As you can see when they are re-chromed, most of the lettering disappears. (See photo at right). This was a particularly bad example but I instructed the chrome plater to leave as much of the engraving as possible (so he did not finish the faces) so at a later date they could be re-engraved. Thus the way forwards appears to be either purchase new or have the chrome removed, then get them re-engraved, then back to the plater again. Shame they were not more heavily stamped in the beginning".

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