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At 02:11 PM 5/12/05 -0400, Bill wrote:
>"Guys - no need to reinvent the wheel - just buy something like this:
>The bolt spacing can easily be adjusted to match diagonal bolts on the H6 carbs.
>If you want to get fancier and have a machine shop handy, just groove the manifold for O rings and use double wound washers (and possibly longer studs if necessary) - this may add less to the air cleaner position and minimize clearance problems.

Weber DCOE anti-vibration mount
anti-vibration mount anti-vibration mount

At 07:10 PM 5/12/05 +0000, A. Counts wrote:
"Rick Botting originally produced the mounts and he may still have some or could maybe make some more. His E-mail address is: rick_botting[at] ...."

At 08:49 PM 5/12/05 -0400, Mark Harris wrote:
>"Warning, I abandoned the Weber flex mount double O ring set up on my 40 DCOE's several years ago because of repeated spring fractures and crimped O rings. Perhaps this will not happen when flex mount kits are adapted for SU's but I have encountered many people who loathe the double O rings for Webers. My solution was to buy Mikuni (44mm I think) flex mounts from Malvern Racing, do some minor alternations and fit them to the intakes--they have worked fine for thousands of miles. Webers are extremely sensitive to vibration and mine practically float out there in twin cam heaven far away from the evil mechanical humors of our beloved engine.
>PS I have never checked to see whether Mikuni mounts will fit the H6 and original air cleaners."

The fancy double wound washers are called Thackeray washers. If you tighten until you leave a small gap between the coils you get the required amount of flexibility. If you tighten too much you are essentially going back to the rigid mount that causes the problem in the first place. You can be reasonably tight in terms of a non-leaking seal and still be able to grab the carbs and move them up and down a fraction of an inch. For the Thackeray washers the recommended gap between coils is about .040 [inch]. Use Nyloc nuts so the setting doesn't change, of course.

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