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PISTONS, How The Burn, Twin Cam - TC-310C

On 2/6/2012, Chris Ghampion wrote:
"I am attaching a picture of two destroyed pistons. As you will see they melted in the proximity of the spark plug. In my case they melted on account of me racing whilst using 95 octane on a 11.5:1 compression ratio setup. I now use 102 octane with no trouble".

"I donít think it is the crown thickness that you need to consider but rather the correct timing, fuel /air mixture, compression ratio/octane, carburetor flexible mounting and effective cooling. My understanding from many of our experienced members is that our engines already flow well and might not benefit greatly from a higher valve lift. Perhaps the regular racing suspects will be tempted to share their experience on where the most benefit can be gained in the quest for more power. In my case I have done some gas flowing, fitted twin weber 40ís and matched the inlet/ exhaust ports and manifolds. I am getting 126 HP at flywheel which seems to be a bit down on what other members have quoted their engines are producing".

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