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MOLY LUBE (Dry Film Lubricant) -- UT-116

Molykote Z powder Commonly called Moly Lube, the technical name is molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). This is a very fine powder dry film lubricant. The small package shown here is a 10-oz plastic squeeze bottle with a lift up nozzle. Held upright or somewhat sideways, a squeeze will emit a fine mist of the dry powder. Held nozzle down, a squeeze will yield a slow pour of powder. Squeeze easy, as a little bit goes a log way. One ounce of this stuff might last average Joe a lifetime if used sparingly.
Moly powder on finger
Proper application is just a thin film, burnish on and wipe off. It sticks to almost anything, it is inert to most chemicals, has coefficient of friction below 0.1 (on smooth surfaces), and continuous operation temperature range up to 350dC. It is also available as a quick drying high solids aerosol.
Moly powder on parts
If you might ever disassemble the odometer wheels in your mechanical speedometer, you can apply this stuff with a touch of a small cotton swab. To reduce friction in suspension leaf springs, disassemble, wipe on, wipe off, and reassemble. You can treat moving parts of door entry locks (if you figure out how to get the powder inside). MoS2 is sometimes used to treat camshaft cam lobes and crankshaft bearing journals for extended life, as it can survive a long time in contact with automotive lubricants.

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