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MGA Police Cars - VT-110

MGs on Patrol book There is a complete book dedicated to the police use of MGs. They often came in fleets of 6 to 12 cars. Dozens of MGA's were delivered to the Lancashire Constabulary over the years Nov 1955 thru at least October 1961 (see cerficate bellow). There were some 17 alterations to standard spec cars for the police vehicles, including special high accuracy speedometer. At least one or two other British police departments also used MGA for police cars.

For technical specifications, "EX194" is the project number for "MGA Police Modifications". It notes 17 drawings, detailing C-type engine dynamo and larger batteries (in addition to the visible modifications). If someone was to ask the BMIHT, these drawing might still exist in the museum archives.

In late 2015, Giovanni Delicio contacted Richard Bacchus of BMIHT. His reply was,
"I am not aware of any drawings or factory documents listing the difference in the MGA police cars compared to the normal cars. The build records list the cars as having disc wheels, a larger battery and a certified speedometer. It might be worth contacting the MG Car Club at Abingdon, there might be more information there".

On 4 Dec 2015, P Neal wrote:
"I have checked the EX register and note that whilst the special parts required for police cars are listed under EX194/ (1 Ė 17 incl.), there is an additional note to say that all the drawings had been given production part numbers which could be found on sheet 51 (2) of the MGA specification. (These would be AHH.... Numbers). The bad news is that both this spec. and the production drawings are held by Gaydon and if they are unwilling to provide this information I donít know what else anyone can do".

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