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At 01:13 AM 3/20/05 +0000, Mitch (annonomous) wrote:
"I had my tires mounted on my (Twin Cam) rims today, and the tire shop could not balance them, due to them not being able to properly center the wheel because of the pegs sticking out. .... How do people balance these wheels? .... They suggested I take the pegs out but I declined."

The Dunlop steel wheel used on the MGA Twin Cam and Deluxe model cars has four taper nose pegs with cylindrical shanks to locate and drive the wheel. These pegs will interfere with fixturing on a modern spin balancing machine.
Peg drive wheel inside To mount this wheel on a spin balancing machine the pegs must be covered and the wheel must be centered relative to the pegs. To accomplish this a special fixture plate is required. The picture here shows one made from aluminum. The plate is thick enough to cover the full height of the pegs, has four holes accurately machined for a very close fit on the pegs, has a center hole which is absolutely concentric relative to the circle of the four pegs, and is flat and parallel on both sides.
Peg drive wheel balancing adapter

The picture below shows the adapter plate installed on the pegs inside the wheel, ready for mounting on the spin balancing machine.
Peg drive wheel with balancing adapter

Thanks to Bill Spohn <> for the adapter design and pictures.

At various times this adapter might be purchased from Ralph Zbarsky <>. Last reported price was $42 delivered to your door in North America (overseas extra).

NOTICE: The outside end of the hub seems to call for a female cone adapter similar to the one used for balancing wire wheels (see previous page). However, this outer cone adapter is not nearly as critical here. For wire wheels the hub needs to be mounted on two cones with no contact on the inside flat surface. The peg drive wheels are mounted on the inside flat surface and will be centered with the adapter plate, so a standard male cone fixture or a flat plate on the outside end of the hub will suffice for spin balancing.

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