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Rudge-Whitworth SPLINED HUBS - WL-113

Splined hubs Rudge-Whitworth splined hubs and knock off spinners are made in many different sizes. All MGA (and MGB) use 42-mm series hubs and nuts, but the thread changes from fine to coarse. The wheel type designation refers to the maximum size of outer bearing, in millimeters. Actual hub diameter is measured across the outside of the splines on the car, not the wheel.

Wheel Hub Dimensions (mm)
Wheel Type Actual Hub Diameter Number
of Splines
Spline Length
Short Hub
Spline Length
Long Hub
35 52 62 36 56
42 62.5 75 37 62
52 73 88 37 62
62 82.5 100 57 78
72 92 112 55 84
80 102 124 58 87
90 111.5 136 56 94
100 123 150 59 97
120 137 168 63 101

In Europe most splined hubs are of the Rudge-Whitworth type having V-shape splines with dimensions as above. On Rolls Royce and in America, you may find RAF type hubs which have square splines.

I now have an example of a splined hub that has metric threads for the knock-off nut. They are not 12 or 13 threads per inch. The threads are 2.00-mm pitch, and 52-mm diameter (not sure about the spline size yet). Apparentry not Rudge-Whitworth standard. These small hubs are from a 1964 ASA 1100 GT (a small Italian car, go ahead and Google it).
Photos compliments of Gary Bohrman in Great Falls, Virginia, USA.
Splined hub threads, not 13-tpi Splined hub threads, 2-mm Splined hub threads, 52-mm
More spline measurements from Gary Bohrman in Great Falls, Virginia, USA.
Splined hubs dimensions

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