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Wire Wheel SUPPLIERS, Current State of Business - WL-123

For me it was a sad loss when British Wire Wheel was first sold, and later put out of business, but alas they are no longer available for business.

There is also no more original Dunlap wheel production. Those wheels now appear to be made under license from Dunlap, meaning Dunlap sold its name just as Lucas, Girling, and so many of the names we associate with better or OEM suppliers. "Dunlop" wheels as sold today by Moss and others are manufactured by MWS, a UK-owned company with off-shore factories. They have been making the Dunlop-style wheels for many years now. Despite a few problems back in the 80's that people can't seem to forget, the quality is very good. Dayton quality may be a bit higher but if you're interested in originality, the Dunlop wheels look more correct. This UK based manufacturer now make both chrome and painted wire wheels with the oft coveted stainless steel spokes and nipples. Just as per Dayton these wheels are sealed for tubeless tires.

It seems Dayton is feeling the pinch of the economy or is otherwise engaged in other wheels. LBC Dayton wire wheels sets are 2-3 months out (as of mid 2011), and distributors are scrambling to each other.

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