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Wire Wheels, COST TO REBUILD - WL-125

On 12/14/2012, an email friend wrote:
"I dropped off 5 wheels to Dayton on 9/11/12 for re-spoke and truing. They were returned on 12/13/12 via UPS, so tell others to expect a 3 month lead time. Looks like a decent job, run-out is good, price competitive in my opinion".

"Gary Buckles at Dayton quoted approx three months to rebuild wheels, at $275 each. We settled at $250 each after some discussion, but this does not include any refinishing (paint), that's an extra $250 per wheel (real rip-off!). They basically replaced all spokes, reshaped the rims and trued-up the wheels laterally and radially. My wheels have less than 12,000 miles from new so the splines are good. MWS quoted approx $1500+freight+customs for the same 5 Wheels from India. I'm leery of the quality from India and opted to stay with my original wheels".

Of course this doesn't mean much without knowing the cost. Very few people do this any more because it is expensive. Anyone can add it up. Considering we can buy new painted wire wheels here in the USA for $240-$260 per wheel, it is easy to see why we do not often rebuild the things.

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