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MGA Windsceen Glass and SOURCES - WT-103

Here's a note especially for concours enthusiasts who may be looking for perfection. Enthusiasts from a lot of different auto clubs (not necessarily MG) have been getting glass on special order with the correct original vintage logo etched on the part. Check with this supplier:
    O.E.M. Glass, Inc.
    PO Box 362, Hwy 9 E.
    14038 Prairie Commercial # P
    Bloomington, IL 61704
    800-283-2122   309-662-2122   (309) 663-7474 (fax)

Thin Glass and Thick Rubber issues: It is obvious by now (November 2006) that the bad glass issue is not likely to go away any time soon. It appears that there are currently multiple sources for the thin glass and precious few sources for the proper thicker glass. Moss Motors and Clarke Spares can currently supply thicker packing rubber (1/8 inch) to mount the thinner glass, but beware that some (much) of the thinner glass is also undersize around the perimeter and may leave gaps at the corners or may move around in the frame (promoting breakage). Do ask before you buy which brand of glass is to be supplied. If it is not listed in these pages you may be in for some surprises. I will post any and all information here when available. If you have information about another brand of glass not listed here, do tell.

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