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MGA Windsceen Glass - VELAS - WT-103VE

E17 43R-00003
There is another brand name in the market now, as I found out the hard way from an end customer. A friend recently ordered glass from Victoria British (Mar 04), asked about the brand at time of order, but order taker didn't know. Order was delayed a day or two until he could talk to a "manager". Manager told him it was Triplex glass, so the order was placed. Upon receipt the glass turned out to be VELAS brand. This glass is labeled as shown on left. No photo available (yet).

The thickness of this glass, measured at several points around the edge, is 0.233 inch. This is reasonably close to the desired 1/4 inch nominal spec, so nothing wrong there. Perimeter dimensions are unknown (so far). The customer returned the part to V.B. because it was misrepresented as Triplex brand at time of order. So the jury is still out on this one until I get a report from someone who has actually installed one.

Addendum 7/15/04: Slight revision to above note. The VELAS glass was not returned immediately to V.B., but was finally installed. The perimeter dimensions on this one are too small all around. The height is a little shy, so it required a packing strip in the bottom frame. The length left to right is at least 1/4" too short. This leaves gaps at the lower corners to pass wind and rain, certainly not acceptable. So now this glass is going back to V.B.

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