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MG Cars Webring - SITE Of The MONTH - July 1999

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MG Cars Webring Site of the Month, July 1999

Shortly after this web site was started it was linked to the MG Cars Webring (early 1998). There may have been about 40 MG related member web sites at that time, later growing to 80 or so (depending on dates). In mid 1999 the Ring manager(s) selected this web site for the honor of MG Cars Webring "Site Of The Month". This may have been the first or second in a series of three or four such awards. It didn't seem particularly important at the time, but it was notably the first award ever bestowed on this web site (that I recall). It did come with the neat logo shown above, so I posted it on my index page.

A few years later the Webring server service became a bit "shaky", and the Ring became somewhat dysfunctional. The server eventually changed hands (bought out by another company). In a round about manner the Ring was re-established under the name of "The MG Ring" which still exists in 2010 with 47 member sites. I elected to keep the honor and the logo, mostly because it is an early bit of history attached to this web site.

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