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WOODSTOCK Music & Art Fair - August 1969

Woodstock - August 15-17, 1969
woodstock This page exists not because I was there (or maybe wasn't), but because it is such a historically significant part of the late 1960's when I was really getting into MGA's. There was this little rock concert (with a bit of anti-war protest mixed in) happening in a place called Woodstock, New York. With gas selling for less than $0.20 per gallon in the last great gas war, it might make a good break-in run for the new red car. Damn, some things just go well together. Sometime later someone asked me about this little picture. My reaction was, "I had a red MGA in 1969, but I don't remember being there". Their response was, "If you remember it, you weren't there". It makes sense if you understand the drug culture in those days.

For those who like to refresh their memories, or for those who didn't make it or weren't old enough to have had the experience, here are some links for more information:
4-minute Video from BBC news web site

WOODSTOCK (the movie, 184 min, 1970)
Trailer - Three Days Of Peace And Music - 1:38 video

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