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Two minutes from a French flick with English translation.

Boy1: Can I give you a lift?
Girl: No thanks, next time!
Boy2: I don't understand why you loose so much time with her, this poor young girl is in love with the famous Don Juan...
Girl (talking to boy3): I registered you to the same courses than me.
Boy3 in the MGA: You did it right!
Girl: OK, let's go and meet my parents! I hope it doesn't ennoy you...
Boy3: Of course not! But as I'm not pushing to introduce you to mine, it's a bit like playing tennis with only one racket!
Girl: But we're engaged...
Boy3: Sure we're engaged, but there's some time to take before discussing it with my parents...
Girl: It's just a formality, I'm for traditions!
Boy3: My mother too, but the problem is that she has others [other traditions]
Girl: OK, one point for each player! let's go!..... Paul...
Boy2: You're so cute.
Boy3: Would you please leave us alone for once?
Boy1: We're just looking at you, we're jealous.
Boy2: Our best wishes!
Mecanic1: So, do you find the problem?
Mecanic2: Well there's a strange noise.
Boy3: Are you OK
Girl: I'm OK
Mecanic1: Oh my old friend, it's badly injured...
Group: Oh la la... We cannot let them alone for 5 minutes.
Boy3: Raaa, it's not the right time to joke now!
Boy2: You should remain calm my friend...
Boy1: Ah, he's injured.
Boy2: Meuh no.
Boy1: Yes, he is, we should call an ambulance!
Boy3: Ah don't get into this.
Boy4: Let it go my friend, we handle the thing.
Boy5: I'll call the firemen it cannot hurt!
Boy2: Ok guys, give us some help. [then grabbing the girl]
Policeman: Please give me any kind of tool... Thanks

Note: "boy2" is Jean-Paul Belmondo, a very famous French actor, still alive, and who played in hundreds of very good movies in France!

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