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Utah already?

July - 12 Well, you see it was like this. The last couple of days in Canada were a bit hectic, and we accidentally used the same date twice in the journal, so we sort of misplaced a day from the calendar. We had intended to stop in Seattle to visit Sheila Criswell, Dick's ex-wife, but didn't manage to make connections there, just killed a few hours and put on a lot of extra miles. Then about half past midnight this morning (old habits die hard) we were considering where to pitch the tent, when we stopped for gas in Mountain Home, Idaho.

The fuel receipt was dated 7/12, and we were sure it was 7/11, and we were laughing about their computer being wrong, and Carol mentioned that the digital clock date at the bank was also wrong, and then we both got this funny look at the same time. And we were supposed to be in Fort Collins, Colorado on the 12th for the Oil Spot Rally. So, rather than pitch the tent, we pointed it south and set the cruise control (aka "heavy foot") to about 80 mph and kept it moving, and the time zone change was working against us as well.

About 3 am it started raining, but we weren't stopping. There was a four minute fuel stop under an awning in Tremont, UT. At 5 am a quick phone call to Denver for last minute change of plans, maybe we can still make the barbecue after the rally.  Denny's for breakfast at 6am, and no awning there, so time to put the top up. After more fuel stops in Green River, WY, and Laramie, WY, we arrive in Fort Collins, CO at 5 pm. We had just done 1500 miles in about 35 hours, 860 miles of that in the last 13 hours, including three fuel stops, a phone call, and 45 minutes for breakfast. Ain't no flies on this MG.

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