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Brit Run To The Sun -- Alaska '97

Numbers, Format, and Time

All available Brit Run To The Sun pictures are now on this web site. There are over 240 pictures posted here. Most of these pictures are 600x400 format in 256 colors and stored as compressed JPEG images. The image file sizes are about 35KB +/- 10KB, and each is accompanied by a bit of text for explanation. With a 28.8 modem you may expect at least 1-1/2 hours to complete the whole tour.

You may scroll through all of the pictures in sequence by starting with June 1. If you leave and return later you may start again at the beginning of any set by selecting from the following list.

You may chose to tour any subset of the trip by selecting from the following list.

	June  1 - June  5  21 pics  Texas to Canada
	June  6 - June  8  10 pics  Alberta to Cache Creek BC
	June  8 - June 13  26 pics  Cache Creek BC to Dawson City YT<
	June 14 - June 16  16 pics  Haines Junction YT to Fairbanks AK
	June 17 - June 20  32 pics  The Haul Road and Prudhoe Bay
	June 20             6 pics  Accident and death (skip this if you're not sure)
	June 21 - June 25  21 pics  Anchorage and the Kenai Penninsula
	June 26 - July  1  12 pics  McCarthy, Valdez, and glaciers
	July  1 - July  2   6 pics  Denali Highway and Denali Park
	July  3 - July  4  14 pics  Steese Highway, Circle and Central
	July  5 - July  6  15 pics  Taylor Highway, Chicken, Eagle, Top of the World
	July  6             9 pics  Dawson City to Minto on the Klondike Loop YT
	July  7 - July  8   6 pics  Campbell Highway YT, Cassair Highway BC
	July  9 - July 12   7 pics  Getting out of Canada
	July 13            19 pics  Pikes Peak
	July 15 - July 23  16 pics  Texas and NAMGAR GT-22

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