The MGA With An Attitude

Precious and Few

June 20, 5:20 pm - 90 miles out of Fairbanks on the George Parks Highway was the low point of the trip. We were plodding along the only smooth paved highway in the state at about 60 mph with the MGB GT following about 1/2 mile behind the MGA. After a couple of turns in the road, the GT just wasn't there in the rear view mirror any more. After waiting in the road for a few minutes we turned back to investigate. We missed seeing the car on the first pass, as it was some distance off the road and below our line of sight.

By the time we returned to the scene about 20 minutes later there was already help at hand. A tour bus had stopped, and there was a doctor and a paramedic on that bus. In spite of heroic efforts being extended to help Dick, he was pronounced dead at the scene, having apparently died instantly from a broken neck. (More on the next page).

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