The MGA With An Attitude

36 miles back to the trailer to install the tires. At this point we decide that discretion is the better part of valor. Being pretty obvious that the flimsy 2-ply trailer tires won't hold up to this road, it's time to leave the trailer behind for a few days.

Unpack the whole car, retreive the two spare tires for the car from under the trailer, put them in the boot, and remove the prop rod so the lid will close. Tools are much more important than spare parts, so fit the tools in the boot as well. Then put the top up allowing just enough space behind the seats for two sleeping bags and one duffle bag. There ensues a ten minute discussion on who puts what in that one bag to last two people for three days.

Then we removed all the food from the trailer and cleaned the ice chest as best we could so the bears wouldn't peel the fiberglass off to get a snack. And that fuel can we've been hauling on the front of the trailer for weeks, just for this road? Too bad. Somehow we're just going to have to make it 240 miles between fillups with the 12 gallon fuel tank. But we're bound and determined. Deadhorse or bust! Are we having fun yet?

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