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The Arctic Ocean

June 19 - Dick Criswell and Barney Gaylord at the Arctic Ocean. As this is private land owned by the oil companies, and they have safety and security concerns, the way to get here is via commercial tour. $20 buys you a one hour tour in a crew cab pickup truck, with brief explanations of the oil field operations, local wildlife, weather, water, ice, 24 hour days, 24 hour nights, and whatever else you may like to ask about. $50 pays for a four hour tour of the oil fields. $$$$ buys you a two day tour of the arctic ocean by land and air.

In retrospect, this particular moment was to be one of the most significant experiences of the entire trip. It was one of the items very high on our priorities list from the very beginning. The Dalton Highway had only been open to the public for about two years, and people were just finding out that they could travel up there without a special permit, still with considerable effort. Our two MGs were likely the only LBCs to ever get to Phudhoe Bay.

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