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Cheap AIR CONDITIONING for your MG - AT-101

At 04:19 PM 8/4/04 -0700, Daryle Murray wrote:
Squeeze Breeze water mist fan >"I thought about going to a car show in McAlester, OK (about 150 miles from here), but I've about talked myself out of it. Too cotton pickin hot!!!"

Ha! I have just the fix for that.
$7 air conditioning for your MG.

I picked this up in Texas during NAMGAR GT-22 in mid July 1997 when it was over 100dF during a road rally. Two AA batteries and a pint of water, and you're good for the day. Works great, and it's cheap, buy two.

For the MGA you can drop it in the door pocket. For walking around you can hang it on your neck. Look for Squeeze Breeze® at your nearest Wal-Mart store. I'm sure you can figure out how to use it.

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