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This tire carrier attaches directly to the boot lid, low and to the rear (near the license plate lamp), so it may hold the tire below the rear view mirror field of view. Not having good detail of the attachment, I would be worried that it may damage the thin alloy skin on the boot lid.

Tire carrier, Woodhouse
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The brochure is in German language. English language translation below.

Holidays without Luggage worries with - J.A. W. Spare wheel holder

J.A. Woodhouse & Co.

Stolberger Straße 108-110 - Tel. 593125

To take out the spare-wheel of the not too generously limited boot and to mount it on the rear, was no new idea. But she was practical and inexpensive. The leaflet contains the address of 34 authorized MG-dealers within the German federal territory.
  The assembly kit contains:
Spare-wheel holder made of Fiberglas of best quality materials and Fiberglas holders for stabilizing of the boot lid as well as all necessary chromium-plated screws for the connection.

The spare wheel holder does not hinder the view by the rear-view mirror.

  MGA - Twin Cam
MGA - 1600 Spoke wheel
MGA - 1600 Disc wheel
145,-- DM
225,-- DM
147,50 DM

The spare-wheel holder for spoke wheels is provided with a chromium-plated lockable wing nut.

The spare-wheel holder for MGA - Twin Cam and disc wheels is provided with a wheel ornamental cap and enameled MG sign.

Interested in reselling forward your inquiry to
J.A. Woodhouse & Co.
Stolberger Straße 108-110 - Phone 593125

The words "stabilizing the boot lid" (center column above) also means "reinforcing/strenghten".

"Köln - Braunsfeld" is prior city and village names. English translation is "Cologne - Brown Field".
The village has been renamed from Braunsfeld (Brownfield) to Ehrenfeld (Field of honour).
"Straße" (also "Strasse") means Street.
Therefore: 108-110 Stolberger Street, in the village of Ehrenfeld, within the city of Cologne.
The road and buildings still exist. If you want to see it type into Google Earth:   Ehrenfeld, stolberger strasse 108

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