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Location of WING MIRRORS -- AT-103

At 11:46 AM 10/5/04 -0700, Rick deOlazarra wrote:
>" Has anyone out there located and installed side mirror(s) they're happy with, i.e: ones that give a feeling of confidence that you really are getting a decent view of what's out there?"

Yes, but first I can tell you what doesn't work. The practice of mounting wing mirrors far forward over the front wheels is nearly useless, especially if you use flat glass mirrors. That results in a field of view about like looking through a toilet paper tube at arms length. Also the driver's view of the wing mirror opposite the driver may be obstructed by the dash mounted mirror. I suppose that location was a 50's era styling gimmick, intended to make the front end of the car look longer, as if it was packing an inline 6 or straight 8 engine.

wing mirror mounting On my MGA I put the wing mirrors 15 inches ahead of the windshield posts, and use convex mirrors for a larger field of view, not flat glass.

In that location you can see them at a glance without having to turn your head way sideways like you would with door mirrors. They are also visible through the swept area of the glass, which beats the bejaggers out of trying to see through the side curtains in foul weather. The one on the side away from the driver is not obstructed by the dash mounted mirror (as it may be if farther forward). You get good coverage behind and in the blind spots (with convex glass). They are easy to monitor in traffic without taking your eyes off the road (too much). And to top it off, the single bolt mount type are easily installed there using a long socket extension to reach up from the bottom just behind the splash panel without disassembling anything. They are also less obtrusive for engine work than being farther forward, although they may still get bumped occasionally.

You cannot of course adjust them while seated in the car. If you have a long reach you might be able to do it with your face against the windscreen.
wing mirrorbear door
Here is a mirror location to be avoided if you have original style MGA 1500 side curtains. OOPS! I can't get my hand in to open the door. Photo compliments of Pat H in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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