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WING MIRRORS, Lucas Single Bolt Style - AT-103A

Lucas single bolt mirror, face This is one of the most common wing mirrors used on British cars in the 50s and 60s, and they are still available today as reasonably nice reproductions, including new rubber mounting grommets. This mirror mounts with a single bottom stud, a large flat washer, lockwasher, hex nut, and the rubber grommet on top to protect the paint on the fender. Some day the soft rubber grommets may be available in a better material that may not split so easily in use.
Lucas single bolt mirror, back
Lucas single bolt mirror, side
The left and right hand mirrors will have different part numbers because of the angular offset in the base bracket. The mirror head is attached with a disk washer and three small screws, with the disk serving as a spring load against a spherical ball pivot for adjustment in use. These mirrors are availabe with either flat or convex glass. The convex mirror will give a much larger field of view, which is especially helpful for covering any blind spot.
Lucas single bolt mirror, OEM
Photo an note from R J Brown, Colorado, USA, on 07 April 2010:
"Here is a picture of 2 Lucas fender mirrors with original packaging. Only marks on mirrors are where the pen is pointing. Written is "Lucas made in England" The mirrors were made in 6/72 and 9/72 as printed on the boxes".
(Click for larger image).

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