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Mounted on Windscreen Frame

On 16 February 2006, Phil Parmenter wrote:
"I have a Desmo rear view mirror mounted on my windscreen frame without the aid of any additional brackets."
Desmo mirror side mount
"Utilising one of the 4 holes in the half rounded part of the window frame (2nd one up) - the mirror mounting is half rounded concave shape so fits perfectly. I have used the screw found in the frame and the bottom screw is just a dummy head that I stuck in the hole. The whole thing looks as though it was made for the car and is very simple to fit. No problems in any respect with hood and sidescreens on or with hood down. Mirror has been on about 7 years and gives no trouble and is easy to adjust from inside car."
Desmo mirror side mount
Desmo mirror side mount
Desmo mirror side mount

Paul Beck Vintage Supplies has Desmo mirrors. --
See Desmo type 263
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