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Racing Screen, WRAP-AROUND -- AT-109B

At 07:32 PM 6/4/2008 -0600, Richard Pilczuk in Georgia wrote:
>>"I have an old 2 piece racing screen that specifically fits an MGA. It has to be late 50's early 60's. Aluminum frame, plexiglass. Front piece wraps around the driver - side piece fits into the rear side screen hole and clips on to the front piece. Crudely hand engraved on the frame is "The Pitstop Garage by Vince Page. .... Have started to try and find it's history/significance, etc - Does this ring a bell with anyone?"
Wrap-around racing screen Wrap-around racing screen
Wrap-around racing screen
At 11:47 AM 6/6/2008 -0400, Richard Pilczuk wrote:
>>"It fits only the MGA perfectly with the mounting points being the rear hole for the sidescreen, the holes for the rear view mirror, the holes for the left windshield stanchion and the left windshield wiper gearbox hole. Fits perfectly. Yes it could be replicated in a garage but this one was made in some sophisticated machine shop or factory of the era. For it's age it was state of the art aircraft aluminum alloy and all of the hardware, etc is indeed not hand made. No matter - it's an interesting piece and it seems to me there was an aftermarket British car supply house by the name of The Pit Stop garage in the 50's, 60's."

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