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FOG LAMPS - LUCAS FT6 and FT14 -- AT-110

Original Lucas Accessory Fog-Driving Lamps used on many British Sportscars of the fifties and sixties. 5-1/2" sealed beam bulbs. One FT6, One FT14. The silver-gray lens on the right has a burnt out bulb which needs to be replaced. Notice the two wires are in a heavy cloth jacket which comes out the back of the housing.
Fog lamps, Lucas, front
Fog lamps, Lucas, rear
Fog lamps, Lucas, detail

Original Lucas SFT576 fog lamps had chrome over brass housings. Bulbs were available in clear or yellow with plain or fluted face. Yellow lense is good to reduce glare in dense fog. I believe the clear non-fluted lenses would be for driving lights where the reflector is parbolic to pruduce a long distance spot light (although some driving lights may also have fluted lense).
Fog lamps, Lucas, on car
Photo compliments of Gary Edwards in Kernersville, N.C., USA

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