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FOG LAMPS - Moss Motors (Lucas repro) -- AT-110A Fog lanps, Moss/Lucas, front Fog lamps, Moss/Lucas, top detail
Fog lanps, Moss/Lucas, rear

Moss Motors fog lights (Lucas reproductions). These fog lights do have Lucas writing on them. Notice the two wires on these come out the bottom end of the mounting bolt.

Original Lucas SFT576 fog lamps (below) had chrome over brass housings.
Bulbs were available in clear or yellow with plain or fluted face.
Fog lanps, Lucas, fluted   Fog lanps, Lucas, plain   Fog lamps, Lucas SF 576
Notice: Some of the current reproduction mounting brackets do not fit properly.
See articles FT-051 (Faulty Parts) and BP-100 (Bumpers).
Fog lanps, Lucas on MGA
Fog lanps, Lucas on MGA Fog lanps, Lucas on MGA
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