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FOG LAMPS, Lucas 4FT/4LR -- AT-110B

Fog lamps, Lucas 4FT+4LR
Fog lamp, Lucas 4LR
You might classify these under "Other vintage lamps". Lucas 4FT and 4LR fog lamp and driving lamp normally fitted to earlier MGs (TD and TF), Morgans, and Triumphs. They are an inch smaller in diameter and look more "retro" with the built-in chrome hoods. They're also very hard to find since no reproductions are currently made, and they were originally available in far fewer numbers. You may realisze after you install them that they are perhaps more for show than for light.
Fog lamps, Lucas 4FT+4LR Fog lamps, Lucas 4FT+4LR
Fog lamps, Lucas 4FT+4LR, on MGA
Fog lamps, Lucas 4LR, on MGA

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