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FOG LAMP BRACKETS - Do Not Fit -- FT-051
Part Numbers 407-720 and 407-730 from Moss Motors, Ltd.

Factory part numbers AHH5520 and AHH5521

This problem has been around for a long time and is not likely to go away any time soon. These aftermarket fog lamp brackets are simply the wrong shape and will not fit as received. Holes are out of place, parts are welded together with misalignment, welds are large and too close to a bolt hole, and slots are not long enough to accommodate all of the misalignment between parts. Multiple parts of the bumper and overrider assembly require grinding (which removes the chrome plating to promote rust and flaking of the chrome). After the bracket may be attached to the bumper, the final straw is up to 1/2-inch of interference between the bracket and the rear edge of the overrider. For a tech page with more photos and notes on an attempt to install this part see article BP-100 in the body section.

This particular piece may or may not be worse than some other pieces from the same manufacturer, but it is certainly not unique in having a bad fit. This same issue has been discussed on various email lists and BBS for some years. The parts for this assembly were purchased in 2004 and 2007, so the problem has been around at least that long.

Moss Motors has been "formally" informed of the situation in May 2012. Their first response was, "only one other person has complained of fitting problems in the last 5 years". If that is true, then some of the blame for continued existence of these bad parts lies with the consumers who continue to accept and use the junk without reporting the problems to the supplier. So if you have problems with aftermarket replacement parts, PLEASE report it to the supplier so there will be a record of the problems, and so the supplier might have a chance to rectify the problems.

I will post any follow up information here as it may become available. Meanwhile I can only recommend not buying this part from them until there is a satisfactory resolution to this problem. Unless of course you are willing to spend the time to modify the part to fit and have it re-chromed.

On 2/4/2013, Bryan in Valley Forge PA, USA wrote:
"I got mine from Scarborough Faire. I recently spent way too many hours trying to make these fit on my Mk II. I finally gave it up as a bad idea".

So now there's a second source (at leas two) with fog lamp brackets that do not fit.

On 2/4/2013, Bryan in Australia wrote:
"I purchased a pair from Moss and have been trying to install them over the last few days. There is no way they will fit and even after modifying the bends foul on the overriders".

Now another year on since the prior notification of faulty parts, and they are sell selling the same junk. Let the buyer beware. Jim Mail in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA says the brackets from Todd Clarke are good. Clarke Spares and Restorations.

On 2/18/2015, FRANK NEWLAND wrote:
"I just installed items 407-720 and 407-730 without any problems or alterations".
One report that the Moss parts are good. Does anyone know if this is a change of part design or manufacture, or perhaps just a lucky aberration?

On 10/5/2016, Russell Beck in the UK wrote:
"I received an email from Moss today regarding the faulty MGA foglamp brackets, and they have said the the current brackets will be withdrawn from stock and will be unavailable until the manufacturer has corrected fault in bracket arm orientation". -- Russell Beck

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