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Radio - Radiomobile This is a vintage 1950s UK Radiomobile radio made by World Radio Limited London. It is 12V positive ground. The large lump on the back is an amplifier. The dial frequency range is 0.6 to 1.5 MC/sec reading right to left, as a European model (not for the North American market). Note that this radio would need a larger adapter faceplate to mount in the MGA dashboard.

Radio - Radiomobile
This is another model of Radiomobile (dealer installed) as found in a completely dodumented original low mileage MGA 1600. This one has the European longwave frequency band as well as shortwave band.

Radio - Radiomobile
Here is an original British "Radiomobile" unit fitted to cars for the UK. A little hard to use in the states...try tuning 880 AM for WCBS.

Radio - Radiomobile
In 1955, and for at least a few more years to follow, Radiomobile radios were a two-box affair, plus a separate speaker and antenna. The primary box is what you see in the pictures above with the receiver and tuner, full of amplifier tubes, and mounted in the dash panel. The secondary box was an amplifier, slightly larger than the receiver unit, also full of amplifier tubes, to be mounted on the firewall behind the dash. The speaker was about 6-inches diameter, mounted on a heavy card stock box in center behind the dash panel. See installation instructions. When you see a Radiomobile with amplifier on the back end and speaker in the bottom of the primary box, it would be a later model transistorized unit.

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