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ANTENNA, Locking Security Type - AT-112G

Unlocking security antenna Someone asked about the key for the security antenna. I think they bought the car with this type antenna but without the special key. I bought this one in the late 1980's, and there may be something different available by now, but this is the one I can document.

This simple retractable antenna is manual operation only, pull up or push down. The trick is when it is pressed to the full down position the tip end of the antenna goes perfectly flush with the surrounding hard plastic bezel, so there is no way to pull it up with your fingers or with most common tools. It came with two small keys (so there is a spare).

The key is very simple having two small straight fingers on the end with a very small bend right at the tips. The antenna mast top knob has two small slots like keyways at the perimeter. To pull it up just insert the key, press gently to one side to hook the barbs underneath the knob, and pull up.
Hey for security antenna Security antenna, top view
For the bloke who doesn't have the key, here's a drawing, in case he is motivated enough to make one. I like this one because the key is really small. As simple as it looks, it seems to do the job. I have the same antenna for more the 20 years.
Antenna key drawing
Antenna with flat keys Here's one on eBay in May 2011 that appears to have a similar style flat key. 5.95-GBP.

Below is a vintage locking antenna with a flat key release from the side. It doesn't look very secure to me. Then again, out of site, out of mind. I presume the idea is to discourage kids and petty vandals who can't pick it with their fingers.
side-key side-key side-key

Locking Antenna, round key  
More available on
eBay in May 2011.

Left has round
style key.

Right has side-key
(not described).

If you like fancy gadgets that can go bad after a while, you can have one electrically actuated by the radio switch (below).

  Locking Antenna, side-key
Electric Antenna

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