The MGA With An Attitude

Here we have a set of MGA interior frame rail covers. These may appear to be frivolous bright trim, but they are often used to cover troublesome spots of worn carpet. These frame rail covers were probably never installed at the factory, but would be a fairly popular aftermarket installation, available from several aftermarket parts suppliers such as Amco and MG Mitten, as well as being available from the parts counter of an MG dealer. They are still available today as new aftermarket parts.
MGA Frame rail covers
Frame rail covers are commonly made of brushed or polished aluminum, but might also be chrome plated steel (on rare occasion). They often (but not always) have ridges that serve well to comaflage scuffs and scratch marks. They are to be held in place by screws in the side flanges, hidden under the carpet or behind the kick panels. The following page shows body threshold plates that are often used in conjunction with the frame rail covers as bright trim and paint scuff protectors.

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