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FLOOR MATS, Custom Ordered - AT-162

On February 26, 2011, Chris Spence from Austin, TX, USA, wrote:
"I wanted to get a set of nice thick mats that were black with contrasting red border (to match my seats), but I didn't find many options for custom fit mats for the MGA. I eventually ordered the Lloyd's UltiMat from for $83 ($91 with shipping). The first set that I got from them didn't fit well at all. I called them and they offered to make another set if I made a pattern out of paper and sent to them. The second set fits great, and includes cutouts for the frame and seat rails. Here's a picture of them below. Ignore the extra piece on the passenger side above the frame rail. I cut off a piece of the first set (which they let me keep) and made a pad for where my wife likes to rest her foot.
floor mat, custom floor mat, custom
"You can get them in a variety of colors and borders here:
Black, red, and gray borders are a no cost option - other colors cost $8 extra".
In normal light, the floor mat matches the color of the carpet better, but it is still slightly darker. It's possible one of the less "black" colors (graphite maybe?) would match even closer, but the straight black is pretty close.

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