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BOOT MAT for your MGA - AT-202

At 08:05 PM 1/6/05 -0600, Martin Straka wrote:
"Attached is a trunk mat diagram (should I say "boot"?) you may want to consider for your "MGA Accessories" category. Works well when carrying a lot of spares along as it insulates from rattles and also protects a new paint job. I cut mine from carpet liner, easily found at Home Depot. Easily cut with a mat knife and utility shears. The wife's dinnerware makes for cutting smooth curves along the edges. The rubber side went to the bottom and the grey fabric faces up. It looks like what you'd find if the factory installed it. Fits snugly in the recess area."

Note: There is a further refinement of this mat included with full scale carpet templates in the "Interior" web site section.

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