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Installing the MGA GRILLE, 3 - BD-102B

On 21 January 2013, Jim (AJ) Mail in New Hampshire, USA wrote:
"I just refitted my grill. My grill before was a bit ill-fitting, even though it is a good repro shell and an original set of slats. This time, I kind of figured out a trick to getting it to lie flat against the car all the way around. I first tried bending the shell a bit by massaging it with my fingers. It is thin enough that you can get it to lie flatter at the top by opening up the sides a bit, but not enough to make a real impact.
"Then I realized that the slat assembly is what is bolted onto the car, and that it's shape is really the key. Lying on a table, it was unevenly bowed and unevenly arched. By dry fitting only the slats - bending and refitting as needed - I was able to get it even and also to line up with the mounting holes very neatly. I also bent the last 3/4" of the top and bottom arc (the part over just the last slat) a bit back into the opening so they did not foul the corner and cause the shell to stand proud. Then when I fitted the surround it butted up tight all the way around.
"I used 3M weatherstrip cement on the back and glued on the rubber molding before fitting it on the car. If it fits, the job of re-installation is easy - just put in the six bolts and tighten. I will no longer have to be reluctant to yank it off to allow better access to the wires and such behind it".

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