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WIPER ARMS & BLADES, Alternate Parts -- BD-113

Original type wiper arms and blades sometimes leave a lot to be desired. Replacement arms do not always have the correct wrist angle, so the blade may not park parallel to the windscreen bottom frame. These Trico arms have adjustable length and an adjustable wrist angle, so a few models can be universal fit for nearly any application.

At 04:13 PM 12/28/05, Roger Bailey wrote:
"Here are the pictures of the Trico wiper arms."

Trico sdjustable wiper arm and blade assembly
Trico sdjustable wiper arm

>"The issue of blade touching glass properly for its entire travel, and then flipping over for the return trip, requires a mention. Angling the wiper to the arm alters the perpendicularity of the blade to the glass, since we are in 3 dimensional space. This means that the wiper arm shaft needs a slight CW rotational tweak, in order to prevent the blade being driven, edge-first across the windscreen (with attendant chatter) and never toggling over. It is not hard to do, and with a couple of smooth-jawed pliers, there were no marks in the SS arm, and the twist is not really too noticeable. Point is, that the installation looks good and works very well.

The body and arm are relatively dull SS, as delivered, but buff up well with a Dremel mop and rouge.

Trico arm adjustable output end
Trico arm base spring end
Trico wipers on MGA

The Trico arm is listed here:
Specify model 51-062 with 1/2 inch knurled shaft and wrist action end for the MG.

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